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GlobalPhoneWiz Tips #1 -- 2 night hotel stay for you
March 09, 2021
Dear <>

This is a somewhat monthly newsletter e-zine (e-mail newsletter) from Paul Nisenbaum at, with money saving tips and recommendations for global travel phones.

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Thank you for your interest and your business. And do I have money saving tips!

What's inside this issue?

  • Real time flight tracker - this is slick
  • 3 day, 2 night resort hotel stay next to nothing
  • Beware calling overseas to a cell phone

Real time flight tracker
Have you ever had to pick someone up at the airport and wanted to know when the plan would arrive? This real-time flight tracker displays a picture of the plane in progress. You can access this flight tracker, gratis, ype, for not one shekel or farthing via my website

3 day, 2 Night Resort Hotel Stay for the cost of a movie
Wouldn't you know it. I'm surfing the Internet for a tip to pass on to you, when I found a way to stay in a resort hotel for three days and two night for nearly free. Better than a 2fer1.

This travel certificate is good for 20 resorts and you don't have to attend a presentation. It's not for a time-share or any other type of sales. You don't have buy airfare or dinners or extra nights.

Cities include: Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Anaheim (read Disneyland), Palm Springs, Cancun, Puerto Vallerta, New Orleans, Honolulu, Atlantic City, Orlando, Branson, and more.

So what's the deal? A room broker pre-sells rooms and passes the savings on. After your stay, the room broker may contact you about future stays at discounted rates.

The small print: you have to make reservations 60 days in advance, pay regular room taxes between $7-12 per night (not per person), and pay a $10 registration fee. Holidays and weekends may require a surcharge.

If you're interested, you can find out more information at my

Want to reward employees or customers with a mini-vacation? You can give away a mini-vacation certificate with your company name on it. For details, just contact me at

Beware! Calling Overseas to a Cell Phone
Depending on the country that you are calling to, you rates may be unbelievably high. While I was in Israel, my mother called me at my cellphone and we spoke for about 10 minutes. When her AT&T; bill arrived she nearly had a heart attack at the $44.50 charge for our ten minute chat. Do the simple math and you get $4.50 per minute charges! Plus taxes!

Also, phone card rates vary wildly because of extra fees. I offer many different phone cards so you can choose the best deal.

Find out what your current long distance carrier charges now, before you make calls. I can offer under 10 cents per minute in most cases. Then compare them to those of the phone card and long distance companies on my

Okay, that's it! And don't forget that I donate a portion of sales to worthwhile causes.

Cheers, adios, adieu, shalom, ciao,

Paul Nisenbaum

p.s. If you want me to look for deals in specific countries or if you have any comments, just contact me at ___________________________________________

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