How to Save Money on Long Distance Rates

Discount Rates on Domestic U.S.A. and International Long Distance Calls

While long distance telephone rates have dropped dramatically over the years, it still makes sense to compare plans. Some plans have monthly charges, minimum monthly useage requirements, and a wide range of rates between international calls to landline phones and to cell phones. Also, one plan might have lower costs to say, Israel, but higher costs to China, as compared to another long distance plan.

How can I save money when calling long distance to an international cell phone from a U.S.A. landline phone?

When renting or buying an international cell phone, you probably haven't given much thought to the costs that your family, friends, or business associates will pay for calling long distance to your global cell phone. For example, with your current direct-dial international long distance plan you may pay $0.28 a minute to call a landline, but $4.00 a minute to a cell phone.

It pays to shop around and to see all the costs. You might have a low interstate long distance rate, but expensive international cell phone rates, plus a monthly charge, and high minimum usage charge.

For my own business and personal use, I switched my direct-dial long distance carrier to CogniWorld Long Distance and now save 50% when calling long distance to international cell phones, at least 25% on calls to global landline phones, and 20% on domestic long distance.

Compare your current long distance plan

In the chart below, you will see an example of the long distance rates to one of the plans that I recommend, CogniWorld Long Distance. I personally use CogniWorld for direct dial long distance because it has low domestic rates, low rates to both Israeli landline and cell phones, and has no monthly fees or minimum useage.

Your Current Plan
Monthly fee
Direct dial(1+number)
Billing increment
6 seconds
U.S.A Interstate
To Israel landline
To Israel cell phone
To China landline
To China cell phone

Long Distance Phone Card

If sometimes you prefer to use a long distance phone card, search for one below or use the SpeedyPin 1 day -- $1, long distance phone card with unlimited domestic phone calls for $1 for an entire day.

You can use the following phone card selector to find the right long distance phone card. Simply select the countries and click on Go. After a few moments, the SpeedyPin website will appear in a new browser window. You can then order long distance phone cards with rates as low as 2 per minute.

Prepaid Phone Card Rates
From To

If you want my recommendations for long distance plans to specific countries or more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.