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Flight Tracker

With this real-time, radar flight tracker, you can save time and money. And, yikes, it's free. My gift to you.

But if you're asking, "Why in the world would I need a flight tracker?" Well, I'll tell you why,,,

Have you ever had to pick someone up at the airport and wanted to know when the plan would arrive?

Did you search the phone book or call directory assistance for the airline. Then called the airline and got put on hold forever?

Did you hangup in disgust and just drove to the airport, thinking that the plane would probably be on time anyway?

Did you finally battle through the traffic, spend 20 minutes finding a parking place, rush to the arrival area only to find that the flight wouldn't land for another 2 hours?

So you can't go home because you would just have to turn around and come back to the airport. So you sit around wasting time and parking lot money. Arghhhh!

Real time flight tracker to the rescue

This real-time flight tracker displays a picture of the plane in progress.

It's just like the one you see when you're on an airplane and looking at the movie screen during flight. You know, the one that shows a map of the departure and arrival cities with a dotted line plotting the minute by minute progress of the airplane.

So go ahead and surf over to the radar driven flight tracker.

And you can check back here as often as you want. Don't go sitting around the airport waiting and waiting and waiting.