Virtual Travel via Global Web Cams

Traveling? With global web cams, you can now see where you are going before even packing your bags.

Also, once you arrive at your destination, you can surprise your business associates, family, and friends. Here's how I did it with a global web cam and an international cell phone.

At the Kotel - Western Wall in Jerusalem, a student and I were facing the Kotel cam. I had the student phone her mother in Los Angeles using her international cell phone. She had her mother go to the computer and surf over to the Kotel cam site. Her mother was then able to see her daughter on the Kotel cam while speaking to her over the international cell phone! Now that's a wow!

Have fun when you surf to one of the following international web cam sites.

Global Web Cams
Kotel-Western Wall in Jerusalem, South Pole, New York City (Times Square & 9/11 ground zero)

Leonard's World Wide Web Cams
75 countries, ballparks, national parks, & more!

If you have any suggestions for other travel related web cams, please drop me a note in box below. I will see if I can add them to this page and will put your name next to it. Obviously, I reserve the right to post only appropriate web cams.

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