Traveling to Israel & Other Countries? Save money on an international cell phone.

Here are my recommendations for an international cell phone in Israel and for other countries. Because the cell phone rental countries for Israel phones have access to local networks, they pass on the great rates to customers. Unless you have a GSM tri-band international cell phone, you will need one phone for Israel and another phone for other countries.

To see specific rate information and to order, just select the highlighted company. All plans for Israel have free incoming calls.

  • For countries other than Israel, rent a GSM international cell phone from TravelCell
  • For Israel, rent an Israeli cell phone with built-in walkie-talkie from Amigo.
  • For Israel, rent a regular Israeli cell phone from TravelCell
  • Use your existing GSM international cell phone and buy a removable, rechargeable SIM card for each country from Telestial.
  • Buy a GSM international cell phone with a removable, rechargeable SIM card for each country from Telestial.

NOTE: If you rent an international cell phone, before you go abroad, you will receive the phone, phone number, battery, charger, case, instructions, and return envelope. Once you arrive at your destination, the phone will activate. Upon returning home, just mail the international cell phone back in the supplied return envelope.

In addition, I can save you money when you call an international cell phone from a U.S.A. landline phone.

Examples of Costs

To give you a general idea of costs, I have listed several international cell phone short term rental rates, including phone insurance, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, battery, charger, and case. As you will see below, cell phone rates in Israel are by far the cheapest in the world.

Daily Rental
Calls To U.S.A. per min.
Incoming Calls per min.
China, Italy, +

Here are some of my clients:

  • Students learning in Israel for a year at Yeshivat Reishet, Shalavim, Nativ, Nevei Yerushalayim, and Brovender's.
  • Israel Mission
  • Alyn Hospital Benefit Bike Ride
  • Poland-Israel 12th Grade Trip, Shalhevet High School
  • Israel 10th Grade Trip, Shalhevet High School

My Recommendations
To see my travel phone recommendations, select from the following scenarios: