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Here are my cost-saving recommendations for an international cell phone outside the U.S.A. To see specific rate information and to order, just select the highlighted company.

  • Rent an international cell phone for use in one or many countries with no roaming charges from
    • Uno4 (the international phone from Amigo)
    • TravelCell.

      Since Israel has a special cell infrastructure, plus the availability of Nextel-like walkie-talkie service, I have created a special page for Israel phones


  • Use your existing GSM cell phone and buy a removable, rechargeable SIM card for each country from Telestial. Your GSM cell phone must be unlocked in order to use another type of SIM card.
  • Buy a GSM cell phone with a removable, rechargeable SIM card for each country from Telestial.
  • For only a day or two in a country, just buy an international phone card before you depart, or when you arrive, buy one at the airport, train station, or kiosk.

Before you go abroad, you will receive the international cell phone, phone number, battery, charger, case, instructions, and return envelope. Once you arrive at your destination, the phone will activate. Upon returning home, just mail the international cell phone back in the supplied return envelope.

If your are on a cruise, there probably won't be cell access. You can use a ship-to-shore phone for about $8-12 per minute. You can rent a global cell phone to use while in port if the port country has cell service. Or you can rent a satellite phone.

Some countries don't have a cell phone infrastructure so you will need to rent a satellite phone.

Examples of Costs for the United Kingdom

Incoming calls from anywhere: Free Outgoing calls w/in the UK: 59¢ Outgoing calls to Europe: 79¢ Outgoing calls to North America: 69¢

Weekly rental: $30 (sometimes specials for $15)

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