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Save on an International Satellite Phone

Stay in touch with a satellite phone when you're on a cruise or where there is no Iridiuminternational cell phone service.

When you go on a cruise, most likely you won't be within cell phone range. So you have several options for staying in touch.

  • Ship-to-shore in-room phone. These phones are quite pricey, but good in an emergency. I'm sure that you don't want to pay $8-12 per minute to call or receive ship to shore phone calls. And I'm also sure that you don't want to be stuck in your room when you call someone or worse, to have to wait in your room to receive calls.
  • Rental global cell while in port. Depending on the port you visit, you may be able to use a global travel cell phone while in port. Check locations and rate for global cell phones.
  • With a satellite phone you can have the freedom to stroll the decks when talking on the phone.

In addition, when traveling in remote locations or countries that don't have a cell phone infrastructure you will need a satellite phone. For example, good luck getting a cell phone connection on Mt. Everest!

A satellite phone rental includes: Charger with international plugs, lithium ion battery, car charger, holster, clear instructions, and technical support phone number.

Example of Satellite Phone Costs

Weekly Rental
Calls To U.S.A. per min.
Incoming Calls per min.
$149 or less
Free (direct dial)

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