Stay in Touch with a Global SIM Chip or Mobile Phone!

We all love the convenience of mobile phones, especially traveling throughout the world. I carried this to an extreme once…while riding a camel in Israel, I called my wife!

1. Use your existing GSM mobile phone and rent a removable, rechargeable SIM card. Your GSM cell phone must be unlocked in order to use another type of SIM card.
2. Rent an international cell phone.

To see specific rate information and to order, just click below:

1. Amigo
2. TravelCell
3. Special rates for Israel

Before you go abroad, you will receive the international SIM chip or cell phone (battery, charger, voltage converter, and case), instructions, and return envelope. Once you arrive at your destination, the SIM chip/phone will activate. Upon returning home, just mail the international SIM chip/cell phone back in the supplied return envelope.

In addition, you can also rent a WiFi hotspot.

3CX is a software-based phone system that is based on the SIP standard and an open standard.
It is compatible with a variety of phone devices and includes web browser-based extensions as well as mobile applications.
It has several advantages, including the fact that the programme can be hosted on a remote server, on-premise (on a local server), or on both servers for increased robustness.Opera Telecom 3cx

In what way does a 3CX platform differ from other types of platforms? With a simple backup and restore, 3CX allows you to migrate to the cloud with an open-platform office phone system that runs on Windows or Linux. Consider using a low-cost mini PC appliance or Raspberry Pi to save money. Click Here For More Info

Money Saving Tips for You

Global cell phone costs vary around the globe because even with the increasing popularity of cellular phones and technological advances, countries have different cell phone standards, different cell networks, or have limited or no cell access. You can save money by making sure you know what to ask and by following my recommendations. One international cell phone rental company may have access to local rates in England, whereas another company may not. This could save you $2.00 per minute in calls.

Is it cheaper to rent or purchase an international cell phone? Humm, let’s see.

If you already have a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) international cell phone, you can swap your existing SIM card with a SIM card for the country you will visit. However, your GSM cell phone must be unlocked in order to use another type of CIM card.

Are there different rates for short or long term rentals?

Don’t forget to check to see if the international cell phone provider has discounts for long term rates. Also, they might have free minutes as part of the long term rates. Some providers will give a discount for students, too. Be sure that if you are studying abroad for 10 months, don’t sign up for a year contract.

Are rates for calling home to the U.S.A. or Canada the same for all companies?

An international cell phone company may offer low daily or monthly rates or low local rates, but may have high per minute rates to the USA and Canada for international cell phone rental.

Can I get free or discount calls to cell phones on the same carrier?

Some international cell phone carriers offer free or discounted minutes when calling cell phones on the same carrier or between walkie-talkie type calls. These discounts may vary between short and long term contracts.

How can I compare prices on international cell phone rental rates?

When comparing rates, compare apples to apples; phones to phones, be sure to compare like models of phones. An international cell phone that has a color screen, has Internet access, or has PDA capabilities may rent for twice or three times a simple model.

Free cell phone accessories

When renting an international cell phone, make sure that you do not have to pay extra for the battery, battery charger, case, and belt holster. Ask to have these items included in the costs.

Will buying insurance save you money?

I recommend that you buy insurance in case you lose or damage the international cell phone, otherwise you will be liable for about $350. Some companies include insurance in their international cell phone rental rates, while others have costs starting at $0.25 per day.

Cheers, Adios, Adieu, Ciao, Aloha, Sayonara, Shalom,

Paul Nisenbaum

Free incoming calls?

Some international cell phone vendors don’t charge for incoming calls for select countries. Yes, zilch, zero, nada, shum devar!